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Edamame & Sweet Potato – Sweet-potato purée, roasted edamame, parsnip hay, smoked chile oil and orange zest

Yucca & Mussels – Braised yucca, coconut poached mussels, Puerto Rican red bean purée and candied culantro

Blood & Vinegar – Canapé-style blood soup, with pork blood, pork shoulder, smoked vinegar, winter squash and root vegetables

Typha & Frog – Braised typha shoots, frenched frog legs, with a wild onion and clover sauce

Lamb & Dandelions – American lamb, sautéd wild dandelions and sorrel, with a smokey tomato cumin jus

Scallops & Kelp – Seared scallops, fire roasted typha root purée, crispy kelp noodles and Canapé cabbage

Banana & Lemongrass – Banana ice cream with a lemongrass biscuit

Coconut & Kiwi – Coconut and grapefruit custard with a kiwi and rum Jell-O shot

Fine print

All dinners at San Juan Cafe, 3314 Wrighstville Avenue on select Sundays, 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. You must call 910-274-2012 or email ilmpop@yahoo.com to make reservations.
-Next pop-up dinner: March 10th (must reserve spot by March 8th; please, note you’ll be using your encoredeals! voucher)
-Other upcoming dinners: April 14, May 19 and June 9
-See menus at www.canapeilm.com.
-Only one voucher per person; does not cover gratuity, tax or beverages.
-Voucher not valid with other offers.


Canapé came to be in August 2011, when Matthew Gould approached a former work buddy, Sean Pascarelli, about holding an 11-course dinner for 65 people at local restaurant Manna for one-night only. Each had their fair share of time in the kitchen, churning out food from other people’s menus night after night. The desire to bring their own flavors and tastes to foodies inspired a sold-out dinner. Flavor profiles ran the gamut from Cuban sage and coriander scallops to rabbit two-ways to green-melon sorbet with candied culantro and even pop-rock cotton candy.

“We were able to challenge our techniques, the presentation and the concept of dining,” Gould shares. “Pop-ups give us the opportunity to have freedom in sharing our love of food with others, if only for one night. It gives us a look at what our communities like and don’t like to eat. That, in turn, can help a young chef plan his ‘real restaurant’ better in the future.”

Matthew Gould now runs the Canapé pop-up restaurant one Sunday a month at San Juan Cafe, 3314 Wrightsville Avenue, Wilmington’s only Puerto Rican restaurant. Every month the menu changes, so diners can always look forward to something new—whether Gould melds traditional, homey flavors with modern, contemporary flair or goes with ingredients not otherwise found on local menus. The appeal is vast and diners have found they always endure an unforgettable experience.

“At Canapé, the chefs are willing to play roulette with the element of surprise,” food blogger Mike Nichols of Foodie Confidential, says, “and that means there will be some dishes diners love and some dishes they don’t. Regardless, almost everyone will certainly walk away saying, ‘I’ve never had that before!’”

Make reservations for Canapé by calling (910) 274-2012 or e-mailing ilmpop@yahoo.com.