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True Blue Butcher & Table reflects global, rustic flavors presented in a modern American interpretation. Enjoy the simplicity of perfect ingredients!

Meet Chef Bobby Zimmerman


Chef Bobby Zimmerman is a man of integrity, passion, and skill. His initiative and drive can be seen in all aspects of his life; most recently, Wilmington’s newest restaurant, True Blue Butcher & Table. Bobby experienced the challenges of a high-end dinner service at the young age of 15 when one of the cooks called out sick.  After successfully opening five Restaurants in Moline, IL with his mentor Dominic Rivera, Bobby was ready for the next chapter.  He moved to Wrightsville Beach, NC. and joined Landfall Country Club as a line cook. In less than two years, Bobby was named Landfall’s Executive Chef.

Members of the country club have remained loyal and recently began reuniting with Bobby and his food at True Blue. Bobby has a passion for food and set out to deliver the best food experience Wilmington.  Having his army of supporters from Landfall, he is even more dedicated to becoming the premier food choice for locals and tourists.

Chef Bobby is a natural in the kitchen, both with food and his team.  Many of his contemporaries describe him as “classy, level-headed, and articulate”.  Chef Zimmerman brings an unparalleled dedication to excellence and can’t wait to share his craft with you! “Good enough” only comes out of his mouth when he’s ra

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