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The Barkington’s sole mission is to provide the area with a pet facility that owners can trust, and pups would LOVE, while giving back to the community. The owners of The Barkington have a plan to contribute the local dog community by either donating to rescues or by taking professional dog shelter photos to help encourage adoptions monthly. We strive to build our client’s trust by providing a safe & clean facility, adding to the community, qualifying our care team, and very importantly gaining your dog’s love ❤️🐶
The Barkington was created by a local couple who’s life was 100 percent dedicated to dog boarding for three years. “In those years We worked day in and day out caring for boarding dogs, supervising playful ones, and really learning tiny details of the industry. We even added a pup to the family :) We were able to play every role in the business and see exactly what dogs need, and what pet owners want from their caretaker. Over those years We took what we learned and put it together to create the ideal facility for a pet owner AND dog. Thats how The Barkington got it’s start.
“The journey (running a pet board facility) was challenging but we completely fell in love with what we did.” Co-owner of The Barkington, Lourdes Perez, began working with animals as a young girl. She followed the dream through college and graduated UNCW with a bachelors in Biology. She stayed in Wilmington and worked as a surgical vet assistant for 2 years before pet boarding stole her heart. “Getting to know each little furry face and being their temporary family is one of the most rewarding things I have experienced so far.” We are excited to become a positive impact on the community and we can’t wait to build this family.
It is our mission to also help the pet community in any way. The Barkington Co-owner, Chris Felmet and General Manager, Jessica Butler, are both professional photographers and have paired up with local humane societies and rescues once a month for a photoshoot with shelter pups that need a home. The goal is that these adorable photos will help publicize the pups and score them their furever home!
Each of our care team members are qualified in the pet industry and very importantly have love and devotion to animals. They are chosen to be on the team for their past professional experience, then prompted through a special Barkington Course that further educates them on the details and important factors of dog boarding like group play behaviors, basic first aid, administering medications, and more. Our care team will provide the absolute best for your pet with lots of rubs :)

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