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There is nothing more charming or dangerous than a couple of little girls in pigtails. These two are particularly sweet and somehow talked us into opening a candy shop when we found ourselves faced with the decision to use or rent out a space we had next to our other business. We could either absorb that space to expand — or we could do something totally off the cuff and completely for fun…


​From day one, our oldest daughter Olive has been our Doodlebug. She has always worn her giggly personality on her sleeve and her << obsession>> with candy made it easy for us to give in to our sweet teeth and open up shop. Olive is the kid you’ll see regularly “firing” the staff and taking over the register. She takes her role as a #GirlBoss very seriously. 

“Awww…little Noonie!” is what we said when adoringly gushing over our youngest baby girl Grace Eleanor the day she was born. Though she regularly goes by her (other) nickname “Norie,” she knows she will always be our little Noonie Badoonie. We love this kid for her delicate femininity, sweet dance moves and her bright eyes. She’s also quite quick-witted for a 6-year old and keeps us laughing daily. 
Together, Noonie & Doodle run the roost both at home and in business. Welcome to our shop!

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