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Positioned prominently within the historic undertones of downtown Wilmington North Carolina, Bottega is a refreshing and unpretentious gallery in dedicating itself to a broad spectrum of contemporary artwork in the visual arts, Bottega showcases the continuing innovation of both regional and international artists with a focus on canvas, paperworks and sculpture. Located within the downtown gallery district, we provide an essential gathering place for artists, collectors, musicians, wine enthusiasts, beer connoisseurs or regular people just looking for good conversation and friendly atmosphere. You will find many local and regional craft beers at Bottega, some organic as well. With wine prices starting at the starving artist range of $4 a glass to the Renoir rate of $85 a bottle, many of which are also certified organic, our gallery presents a welcoming environment which demonstrates that all art forms are an integral ingredient in our culture’s vitality. In fact, the gallery name derives from the Italian word dually translated as: an artist’s studio and a storehouse for wine. In this fresh approach to the world of art, the gallery uses soundness of judgment in identifying important artists and their pertinent contribution to the visual arts culture. Bottega also serves a fresh selection delicious delicacies, including hummus, cheeses and sweets. Enjoy.

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